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Haptic Sympathy (photograph by takram)

At takram Design Engineering Tokyo, I was offered the opportunity to work on two installations for the Scenes Unseen exhibition as my internship assignment, under the guidance of Hisato Ogata and Seitaro Taniguchi.

There were two experiences to be created. Can a robot replicate human touch and evoke empathy through it? And how does the meaning of objects change, when colour is removed?

For Haptic Sympathy I designed an installation where a robot, previously designed by Taniguchi, would replicate the pressure on the attendee’s hand, which he or she is applying on a fake hand, through a finger-pressure sensor. You can press your own hand, through a robot.

Haptic Sympathy

For With or Without Colour I had to design the casing for a high-pressure sodium lamp, that could rapidly block and reveal the light, for a radical change in environment colours. All colour is removed at the push of a button.

With or Without Colour (photograph by takram)

The Scenes Unseen exhibition was presented at London Design Festival 2016 and continues to be shown in Japan. The exhibition website is, I’ve worked on Haptic Sympathy and With or Without Colour. Beneath is a video of all the installations at the exhibition.

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