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Facial recognition

How can a home provide smart solutions when it doesn’t fully understand its inhabitant? Smart homes are getting more and more popular and the solutions are getting more integrated in society. Right now the smartphone is the central hub for connecting those products to each other – you can control your lights, your music, the curtains and even the water kettle remotely. Amazon’s Alexa is one of the ways in which we’re offered a more human interaction, but talking is not the only way in which we communicate.

Pupil tracking

People are able to pick up the most subtle cues to gauge emotions, from body language to micro-expressions. Humantion understands these complex methods of human emotions through machine learned body language, facial tracking and retina scanning. It uses a wide angle camera to observe body language and a more detailed, zoomable lens for facial tracking and retina scanning. Humantion understands the feelings of the resident and creates the perfect environment for their happiness.

Product sketch

You’re tired and not in the mood to work on that last paragraph of your monthly report. Humantion understands how you feel and makes sure your living room has the right light temperature to give you some energy. It analyses your working posture and creates the perfect productivity environment. It makes sure you take enough breaks, and after a retina refocus is observed, you can continue to work more efficiently. The day ends with the perfect pre-sleep environment, ensuring you a good night’s rest.

Humantion enables for a truly intelligent smart home, where an optimal environment is created based on your emotions.

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