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Reflection acknowledging the pedestrian

BLINK Humanising Autonomy is a new language between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles. Using existing vehicle sensors and machine learning, it understands the gestures and intent of the pedestrian, creating a two-way communication between human and machine.

Machine Learning gesture response
Machine Learning gesture response

BLINK shows a reflection of its vision on the four corners of the vehicle. It is informed of the pedestrians’ gestures through our algorithm, which allows it to take a better-informed decision. This choice is then shown on the same visual, showing the pedestrian the correct future interaction.

We built a working prototype and got featured in the New Scientist, FastCompany and more. Also, we reached the finals of the VCC Challenge and Pitch@Palace.

Collaboration with Adam Bernstein, Raunaq Bose and Maya Pindeus.

Working prototype on show

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